Auto Glass Safety

Let's face it, most people don't spend much time thinking about the safety of the auto glass in their car. We tend to only think of the windshield when it needs to be cleaned or when there is an obvious chip or crack from road debris. A properly installed windshield does much more than just keep out the elements and the bugs. In all actuality the windshield is a very important part to the safety features and the structural strength of your vehicle. It is extremely important that replacement windshields are installed to the same standards the manufacturer intended. Trust the auto glass experts at Manchester Auto Glass to replace your windshield using the highest quality replacement auto glass and following the latest installation techniques. Your safety depends on it!

Airbag Performance

As a part of vehicle structure, the windshield is a critical to proper airbag deployment. In a crash, an improperly installed windshield may cause an airbag to deploy too early or too late. In either case, the safety of the occupants may be greatly compromised. On impact the windshield acts as a brace to support the passenger side airbag. If the windshield separates, the airbag does not have a constrained space, and it is not effective in protecting the occupants of the vehicle.

Structural Integrity

The windshield is an important part of a vehicle's energy management system, which directs crash energy around the vehicle compartment. If the windshield is improperly installed, the vehicle may crumple differently than the manufacturer intended, jeopardizing its occupants.

Rollover Strength

In a rollover accident, the windshield provides strength, keeping the roof from crushing in on the occupants. In some model designs, the windshield supplies up to 60% of the vehicle's rollover strength.

Occupant Retention

The windshield is intended to keep unrestrained occupants inside the vehicle. During a crash, a person is 25 times more likely to survive if he/she is contained inside the passenger compartment.

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